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My dog suffers from sensitive/dry skin. Over the counter shampoos claim to be "gentle enough for sensitive skin" and although they aren't as harsh as most, they still irritate his "hot spots."  I recently purchased a natural bar soap from Soap by Mom at the Farmers Market in Sharon, Wi  (name of the soap was "BOWZER BATH") with the hope that it could be helpful to my boy. The very next morning, I tried it and I want EVERYONE to know that this is the first product I have ever used that I have been absolutely satisfied with. The concept of a bar of soap as opposed to the liquid soap that most of us are used to buying was intriguing to me. I have to say that this bar of soap lathered up so much better than liquid soap and I didn't even have to use that much. The suds were very emollient as far as texture and gentle on his eyes. It rinsed out easily leaving his fur feeling like I had added conditioners (which I had not) This little bar of soap did it all. He had no flareups afterwards; I was AMAZED. Even if your puppy does not suffer from any skin conditions, I would highly recommend that you pick up a bar of this soap (for only five dollars you might want to get several) it's a great, natural way to have your puppy looking and feeling his best. I will never bathe him with anything else but this product from now on. Thank you, "SOAP BY MOM"-----Carolyn N, Sharon WI
Hi Mom!  I can't say enough about your Skedaddle Lotion!  It's so thick and creamy...like heaven in a bottle!  -----Molly N., Northside Farmer's Market
Dear Mom,  I have been a lover of homemade soaps for years. I must tell you that you definitely have the scents down to a perfection as well as the lathering factor. I purchased 5 different bars from you and I love them all! Thank you for providing a quality product with natural ingredients! ------Donna W.

Today at Atwood I bought a mint shampoo soap went home and tried it and now I may be tossing all of my shampoo and be stocking up on your soap.  ---Amber M., Madison WI 

You make the best soaps ever!!!  ----Dr. N. Salti, Dubai
I just wanted to say thank you for such prompt shipping! It's nice to know I can sleep well again knowing my linen closet is well stocked with your soaps for the months ahead and have stocked them so the oldest made is always on top to give those newer ones plenty of time for curing well. Also, what a nice surprise to find an additional "gift" of Mom's Secret. I'll be looking forward to trying it!!  I was just trying to remember how many years I've been using your soaps - maybe four or even five? I'm definitely a dedicated fan as is my husband. His favorite comment to friends is, "We never throw out a piece of soap as we put the smaller used one atop the next bar and it just keeps on going!" ----Betty, Evansville WI

A week or two ago, I bought Skedaddle Lotion at the Fitchburg Farmer's Market, and I couldn't be more impressed!  As an RN, I'm constantly fighting the drying effect of frequent washing with harsh soaps.  For nurses, clean hands keep our patients safe, but raw chapped skin can put our own health at risk.  Skedaddle Lotion is the perfect answer:  it leaves my hands perfectly moisturized but never greasy.  My hands have never felt better!  Thank you!!  --Ashley, Hospice RN
I've been buying your shaving soap for a few years now and really like the product.
That soap is so nice, that when finished my skin isn't rough & dry to the touch.      Art

This morning I used the shaving soap I purchased from you yesterday at the Muckwanago fair. It is great!! I have been shaving with soap and brush for many years and I have to say that the soap I got from you is the best I have had store bought or homemade.  It goes on smooth, smells good and I got a nice close shave. You have a new customer.    Thanks, Ralph K.
I just used the Al-Jo Shea and I am in LOVE! My skin was sooo dry and this just left my face amazingly soft! And it smells good too! I have paid more money for good quality lotions and your is just as good if not better Thank you!! ---  Amy

Hi Soap byMom!
I just wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoy the products I got from you!  I was at the Oregon Farmer's Market a few weeks back and bought your Skedaddle Lotion, and I'm amazed by the level of suppleness to the skin.  I am 40 years old and am getting the wrinkles and this makes my hands and face look great!  I also had some chaffing and the lotion took care of that overnight.  The smell of the Berry & Twigs lasts all day, and it's not perfumey.  It's just a nice, light, yummy smell.  I had also bought a bar of soap, and that also leaves your skin soft not dry unlike even the top brand "Dove".  I was very happy with my purchase and will be looking for your products in the future. --Amy M.
Hey Soap by Mom!
I just wanted to say I love your Honey Almond Oatmeal soap! I just got it for the first time today, and had to use it right away. In fact, I used it twice! It’s so gentle on your skin and it just smells soo good.  I can’t wait to try more! Keep soaping around!
Mom!!  I need your shampoo! It's the best I've ever had and all others I've tried make my hair too flat.  Kristy, MIlton WI 
Hi – I have bought from you at the Mt. Horeb Fall Festival the last few years, and this year I gave a bunch of different soaps away as gifts. It got rave reviews from everyone! I bought Ocean Splash, Lemongrass, Lemon Shampoo Bar, Lavender, Honey Almond, and more. Every single one was a hit. When will you be posting your 2011 schedule? All my friends are asking! Thanks for making a great, affordable and wonderful-smelling product!  Sincerely, Amy     Mount Horeb, WI
Hey mom,  I have tried lots of different soaps (commercial and handmade), but your soaps take the Blue Ribbon.  I never, ever write in comments about something, but your soaps have forced me to . . . they are that good.  As a male, many soap products smell too feminine or just assault the senses.  Your soaps are just right for men and women.  Every man I know will have your soaps in their Christmas stocking this year.  I believe every spouse should purchase this for the man in their life.   Sincerely,  Orlando, Edgerton WI     (Note:  Orlando likes Mom's Patchouli Musk soap)
Mom!  I miss you at the McFarland farmer's market but from your website, I see you are in Oregon on Tuesdays!  I actually drove through the area on Tuesday this week checking for you but didn't see your truck but will definitely return next week and track you down!!  Your soaps are the "best" I've ever found and we miss them terribly!!  No handmade soaps meet your quality from ingredients to curing.   ~ Betty, Brodhead, WI  (note from Mom:  I was at the market, but since I am on the back aisle, you probably couldn't see me from the street, sorry! )
Hello,  My husband used to get infected hair follicles in his legs from wearing his prosthesis.  This used to cause him such pain he couldn't wear it.  We have been using your Tea Tree and Honey soap on his legs for almost three years, and he has not had a single incident of that ever since we began using it.  All he can say is "What a relief!"  Thanks Mom!  ~ Janet, Janesville WI
Hey Mom...I just want to tell you how SOLD I am on your products.  I'm constantly telling people, got the lotion stick, one in my purse and one in my bathroom, and bring it out for everyone to try!  My eczema is barely even noticable..I cant tell you what that means.  You HAVE to share that info on your website...it's truly a miracle worker and I have delt with this for YEARS!!!   Also, I love the Lavender/Chamomielle (sp?) Soap bar.  Soo many suds, can't believe it.  And I thought it might make my skin dry like other bar soaps...but NOPE...doesn't!  And the face scrub...love, love,love it.  It makes my face so smooth..would put it all over my body if I could..haha.  I'm giving a sample to my girlfriend, yes, I told her about it, and she wants to try it!  I'm sure I'll get you some new customers!  And it's all because you make the BEST stuff!  Next order willl be coming soon, want to try the Shower moisturizer stuff.  Thanks again! ~ Lisa C.
 (Note:  The Hazlenut body wash that Lisa speaks of is a new product in development and is not yet available.  Volunteer guinea pigs are welcome, however!)  

At the downtown Beloit, WI Holidazzle in Dec. 09, I went in to look at Soaps By Mom.  Mom was the nicest and most helpful ever.  I had never met her before, but it felt like home!  I told her about my eczema on my hands and she told me to try her Lotion Bar.  Well, I can’t say ENOUGH!!  My eczema has been so bad since November, and now after using the Lotion bar I barely even know it’s there!  What a FIND!!!  I’m ordering more SOON and telling all my friends!  Thanks Mom…you stuff is by far the VERY best I’ve used.  I’m also using the Hazelnut Body Wash in a bottle.  I love it too and can’t wait to try more scents.  A little dab will do ya with this Body Wash, so it’s worth MORE then the price I bought it for!  Mom Rocks! ~ Lisa, Roscoe, IL

Hi this is Brooke and I just bought some of your strawberry lip balm and it is the best lip balm in the world!!!!!!!! 
I just received my order and the smell was heavenly when I opened the box! I appreciate the samples and will try them out.  Sharon, Viroqua, WI
This summer I have had your Dark Forest soap in the shower.  The soap is fabulous AND our bathroom smells wonderful!  The humidity in the bathroom keeps the fragrance wafting through the air.  Thanks for making a great product that I can easily purchase at the Stoughton Farmers' Market.  --Amy H.
Mom, I wanted to let you know that your new Black Soap is awesome!  I've only been using it a short time, but I can already see a difference in my skin.  Thanks much!  --a satisfied Oregon Farmer's Market Customer
My name is Ming and live in Hong Kong.  I learn SoapbyMom from my friend in WI and I have started using Ming lotion since 3 weeks ago.  I can't help saying it's great, fab and awesome.  This custom made lotion is just personal to me as musk & sandalwood are always my favorite perfume scent but what's more surprising, it heals my chapped skin on knees and elbows without leaving any greasy feeling or residue.   Just want to say, thank you so much, Mom :))
I have never, EVER, used anything that could compare to your Hogwash soap and your Al-Jo-Shea shower lotion.  It has made a tremendous difference in the quality of my skin.  I moved to Las Vegas and couldn't find a product that could hydrate my skin, but these products are so awesome.  My skin is very sensitive, and the shower lotion really keeps it from turning red.  I will always use your product, and will recommend to all.  Thank you!   Shelly, Las Vegas 
I really like your soaps, the Orange Salsa is my absolute favorite.  I really like to promote your business; it's not enough that I love your soap, I want all of Dane County (WI) to love it!!!!   By the way, no more itchy skin.....it feels wonderful!!!!   You're a genius! ~ Emmi, Brooklyn, WI     (Note:  Mom recommended Al-Jo Shower and Skedaddle Lotion for Emmi's dry skin.)
Dear Mom,  want to thank you again for your knowledge, help and understanding in helping us with our first batch of “made-from-scratch” soap.  I let it set in the mold until the next night (no leaks!!).  I then took the tape and clamps off of the mold and everything came apart just perfectly.  I used a wire wrapped around a dowel rod and cut the “log” into pieces.  They are now “curing” and half of my house smells like Green Apple Soap!  Just in handling them, they seem very “RICH”.  I can’t think of another word to describe them.  Maybe “very luxurious”.  It’s hard not to give in to temptation and try them right away!  You have earned my personal recommendation.  If anyone asks me where to go for custom, handmade soap, there is only one place I would send them – SOAP BY MOM!!!!!!    ~ Tom & Sue, Stoughton WI           
I happened across  your wonderful stand at the Farmer's market in Stoughton this summer while we were on vacation and purchased some of your lip balm for my daughter.  We both love it!  I was impressed by your business ~ Katie, Alabama
Mom, I got several of your samples to take to my Grandma.  I let her smell them, and asked which one she liked.  (I wanted her to pick two).  She sat smelling them for about 20 minutes, and I kept asking which one she liked.  I finally left her with them, and came back later to see if she had decided.  She replied to me "I'll take them all, they are all so nice!"  So, great grandson that I am, I said "Sure, enjoy them!"   I guess I need more now for my other relatives!  ~ Dexter W. Stoughton, WI
Mom, I love the new Skedaddle lotion!  it makes my legs very soft and smooth.  This stuff ROCKS!  ~  A satisfied Madison WI customer
 I love the soaps that I have purchased.  I appreciate the recommendation of the Citrus Oatmeal Scrub and Jojoba Cream Soap.  They are GREAT! I do have a problem with your products though -- which one to use.... ~Melany B., Edgerton, WI
I used the citrus hand scrub in the bath as a body scrub and it proved to be very soothing and moisturizing.  My skin felt hydrated all day.  It was great.  I really enjoy your product and I hope you continue to come to market here in McFarland.    ~Michelle S.
Mom, I LOVE your soap. I used up the last of what I had and started using "store soap." I can't stand it! I figure the 3 bars should last me quite a while. :)  ~Beth from Nashville, TN  (Note:  Beth has since moved to Wisconsin, and spent part of her summer in 2009 working the Whitewater Farmer's market in the Soap by Mom tent!!)
Mom's soaps are GREAT!  Love the Honey Almond.  Smells wonderful and lathers great. Her Peppermint shampoo bar is heavenly too! So is the Hogwash soap.  AND the buttermilk milk bath!  Well heck, everything
I've tried is good!  Good stuff Mom! ~Kathy from Southern Illinois
I found "Soap by Mom" on eBay, and it has been a great experience...  The soap is excellent and the prices are very good for high quality soap.  They have been very helpful and personal.  They are willing to find the right product that is going to be the one for you.  And they have answered all my questions.  Hopefully I will be able to buy soap from them for many years to come.    ~Brian from Rochester, NY
My daughter has eczema and I get itchy, dry skin in the winter.  When I use this soap I get out of the shower feeling really clean and I don't feel itchy at all.  I use this soap on my daughter because I know it's gentle and safe and will help control her eczema.  I have really oily skin on my face.  I use this soap and it leaves my face feeling soft and clean and doesn't leave any residue like some of the expensive name brand facial soaps I tried. ~A big fan of "Soap by Mom" from Janesville, WI


"Soaps by Mom are the best soaps I have ever used.  Not only are they good for my skin, but they make your hair silky, soft & shinny.  My whole family uses it.  Great for the animals, too!"  ~Jane from Beloit, WI


"I'm an outdoorsman, hunting, fishing, camping, etc.  I like the citronella soap because it is a natural way to keep those bugs off.  Get for use on hunting dogs too!" ~Derrick from Beloit, WI


"Whenever I make up a gift basket for a friend, I include a bar or two of Mom's soap.  Knowing that it is handcrafted the old fashioned way makes it seem so special.  Besides that, it is good soap and the suds are better than I get from the commercial soaps. When I give a gift basket to a friend I always include a bar of Beer Thyme soap for the man in her life.  The guys really get a kick out of it and the scent is masculine so they really do use it. It is really good sudsing soap and makes me feel connected to the past." ~ Betsy from Evansville, WI


I have been using Soap by Mom for over a year now.  I like that they are made without preservatives, dyes or detergents.  I enjoy several kinds including Honey-Almond Oatmeal and Jonelle's Honey Bar, but my all time favorite is Cocoa Butter Soap.  It does wonders for dry skin and smells fabulous.  It has been such a blessing to have these soaps, especially during the cold, dry winter when skin needs moisture and extra care.  All of the Soap by Mom is special and unique.  There is such a variety--for the husband, the kids and the dog!  My mom loves these soaps too, and I keep several bars on hand as gifts for family and friends.  Thanks "Mom" and please keep making your great soaps!
~Kris from Stoughton, WI
Hello Mom, Thankyou for the quick service. I really like the Shampoo soap... I've done business with many people on the internet. This is the best site I've found, great personal service on custom made shaving soap. Wonderful line of product to choose from. I highly recommend. ~Jere Wilson from Texassetstats

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